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Shipkevich PLLC compiled this web site to convey general information regarding licensing laws for non-bank money transmitters. Our attorneys are poised to assist businesses with registering as transmitters in individual states.

This site provides a state-by-state overview of money transmitter license and bond requirements, as well as general descriptions of what businesses are required to register. Without one institution processes for obtaining money transmitter licenses and money transmission activities, money transmitter administrative and supervisory roles are left to individual states. Multi-jurisdictional laws vary with regard to registration requirements and qualifications, permissible investments, bonding requirements and exemptions.

This database serves as the go-to source for payment instrument issuers, funds transmitters, stored value issuers, Internet funds transmitters and others seeking information on obtaining money transmitter license and information concerning compliance matters on a state-specific basis.

An overview of money transmitter license and registration requirements, general bonding requirements, and who is required to register in each individual state is provided in alphabetical order.

More detailed information concerning permissible investments, exemptions, and possible amendments may be found on individual state’s websites or by contacting the administrators of

Please note that no information presented on this site should be taken as legal advice. Information may or may not account for recent changes or updates in legislation. Although the database seeks to provide accurate information regarding registration and bonding requirements, the content should be viewed as basic guidelines. Before acting or not acting, call our attorneys or other trusted legal representatives to verify the information and holistically analyze your case on an individual basis.

Information is compiled from individual state statutes, which may be accessed as free resources.