Missouri Cryptocurrency Laws

Relevant Statute

Sale of Checks Law, per §§361.700-361.727

“Money Transmitter” Definition

For the purposes of sections 361.700 to 361.727, the following terms mean: (1) “Check”, any instrument for the transmission or payment of money and shall also include any electronic means of transmitting or paying money; (2) “Director”, the director of the division of finance; (3) “Licensee”, any person duly licensed by the director pursuant to sections 361.700 to 361.727; (4) “Person”, any individual, partnership, association, trust or corporation. 361.700


No person shall issue checks in this state for a consideration without first obtaining a license from the director; provided, however, that sections 361.700 to 361.727 shall not apply to the receipt of money by an incorporated telegraph company at any office or agency of such company for immediate transmission by telegraph nor to any bank, trust company, savings and loan association, credit union, or agency of the United States government. 361.705

Registration Fees

$300 License Fee

Bond and Insurance Requirements

Each application for a license shall be accompanied by a corporate surety bond in the principal sum of one hundred thousand dollars. The bond shall be in form satisfactory to the director and shall be issued by a bonding company or insurance company authorized to do business in this state, to secure the faithful performance of the obligations of the applicant and the agents and subagents of the applicant with respect to the receipt, transmission, and payment of money in connection with the sale or issuance of checks and also to pay the costs incurred by the division to remedy any breach of the obligations of the applicant subject to the bond or to pay examination costs of the division owed and not paid by the applicant. Upon license renewal, the required amount of bond shall be as follows: (1) For all licensees selling payment instruments or stored value cards, five times the high outstanding balance from the previous year with a minimum of one hundred thousand dollars and a maximum of one million dollars; (2) For all licensees receiving money for transmission, five times the greatest amount transmitted in a single day during the previous year with a minimum of one hundred thousand dollars and a maximum of one million dollars. 361.711

Bond Alternatives and Additional Insurance Requirements

If in the opinion of the director the bond shall at any time appear to be inadequate, insecure, exhausted, or otherwise doubtful, additional bond in form and with surety satisfactory to the director shall be filed within fifteen days after notice of the requirement is given to the licensee by the director. An applicant or licensee may, in lieu of filing any bond required under this section, provide the director with an irrevocable letter of credit, as defined in section 400.5-103, RSMo, issued by any state or federal financial institution. Whenever in the director’s judgment it is necessary or expedient, the director may perform a special examination of any person licensed under sections 361.700 to 361.727 with all authority under section 361.160 as though the licensee were a bank. The cost of such examination shall be paid by the licensee. 361.711

Capital Requirements

Every licensee shall at all times have on demand deposit in a federally insured depository institution or in the form of cash on hand or in the hands of his agents or in readily marketable securities an amount equal to all outstanding unpaid checks sold by him or his agents in Missouri, in addition to the amount of his bond. Upon demand by the director, licensees must immediately provide proof of such funds or securities. The director may make such demand as often as reasonably necessary and shall make such demand to each licensee, without prior notice, at least twice each license year. 361.718

State Comments or Statements

Money or payment instrument is not defined. When money is not defined, there is a reasonable assumption that virtual currencies are deemed money or otherwise used as medium of exchange. Until such time that the State or the courts of Missouri opine on this subject matter, we consider this to be a state that would likely require a money transmitter license.